Tuesday, August 12, 2008

weekend results and new beginnings - or continuations....

Rheagan's soccer team DOMINATED this weekend's tournament with the closest victory being 6-2. She got some good playing time and even scored her first official goal. Needless to say - there were a couple of proud parents on the sidelines. She got a lovely medal for being the champions.

New beginnings or continuations - school started today. It's a new year, but her class "looped" from last year. She has 3 new kids in the class but everyone else is the same. She is so excited to be in the same class as her best buddies - Erin, Lauren, Hannah and Brooke. A picture will come when I can download them. Tripp will be with the same babysitter this year. He is already in the groove because he went back last week while I had a week of in-services.

For all of you going back to school... my heart is with you.

Payne - Happy Birthday to you! I hope I'm the first to wish you happiness on your special day! Did you get something in the mail from us? Let me know if it's fun.

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