Thursday, November 11, 2010

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall pictures

I do believe she has Kelly legs!

 The kids going hunting.
 Goofy Girls.  Thanks G keeping them in line!
 Mattie G. stopping for a pose during a soccer game!
 Again - tell me - how do you spell intense?  Oh that's right - TRIPP
 All the kids at Tripp's birthday party.  The camping crew at Gee Creek!

Tripp BBH..... Tripp Before Bad Haircut! 
 Nutney - Rheagan's #1 fan
 The family splitting time all season long between games!
Remind me one more time - how do you spell focused? Oh yes- TRIPP.  One of many slide tackles for this game!

farewell soccer season....

Thanks for a fun time dear soccer season.  We enjoyed your weather, your company, and your laughs.   We'll see you again in the spring!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Tripp and Rhea's Special Days

For our fall break from school, Rheagan and I began in Chatty for a gal only time.  After some birthday shopping for Tripp, we went to paint pottery.  Rhea loves the place and begs to go when we do get a free moment.  She painted a plate - I painted a spoon rest.  We enjoyed a quick lunch at Chili's too.

On Friday we decided to go camping to Gee Creek in Polk County. (yes - we made a run for the border!)  We finally finished stuffing enough stuff for 10 days in the car along with 4 bikes and headed out after lunch.  Two other families were already there and saved us a great spot.  While Mack put the tent up the kids went to the Hiwassee River.  Some knuckle-heads actually went swimming.  Dinner included steaks, fried tators, corn and green beans.

MH joined us on Saturday and brought Tripp a birthday cake.  We didn't have a "formal" birthday party for him - but the all campers helped make his day extra special.  Instead of a small intimate party - he had a whole camp ground for a party place.  There were no balloons or sparklers, but the playground, bike trails, and friends made it so much fun for him.  Tripp got a new bike for his birthday and rode it for hours.  As he'd pass different campsites, families would say to him "Happy Birthday".  It was like a parade for my little man.

Sunday we packed up again and headed home.  After the 2 little ones took solid naps, we raced to the soccer complex where Tripp scored his typical 6-7 goals.  Rhea even scored one to help her team to a 1-0 victory.  I'd chalk up Fall Break to a success.

Of course - do I have pictures.... YES.   Do I have them with me now.... NO.  Pictures will come - sometime before Tripp's 6, I promise!

I did find a picture of his bike:

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to the love of my life......

After a VERY full weekend of activities.... I forgot my camera at home with the shots I wanted to upload for this page.  We went to the Cleveland/Nasty School game on Friday.  Saturday was packed with Tennessee River activities and the Tennessee game.  Sunday we were at the Atlanta Race where I took about 500 pictures.  Monday was a nice restful day with family and friends, but somehow in getting back into the swing of things I FORGOT TO PACK UP MY CAMERA. 
It's like forgetting a child - HOW DID I DO THAT?

SO...   bottom line - Happy Birthday Mack!  You are my oldest husband.  = oh wait... You are my only husband! 

I tell Rhea that she's my favorite daughter all time and she reminds me that she's my only daughter.

Kelly your day is coming soon where I can wish a happy birthday to my older sister!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First Day Shots

We are back in the swing of things here and wanted to share our latest pictures.  The first 2 pics are a comparison of Rheagan's friends from the 1st day of school to the last day of school last May.  Notice the slightly tanner legs!

The gang
first day of school 2010
LAST day of school May 2010
Open House at FLC with Mattie
Walking into school on his 1st day
1st day of school for the kiddos.  Sparky HAD to be in the picture!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Welcome Baby Elly

So glad you're here and part of the Lady Raider family!

Monday, June 7, 2010


Rheagan played in her 1st golf tournament today and finished 1st in a sudden death play off.  She shot a 54 for the round.  Here are a few shots of Rhea and her traveling gallery.  Please note that Tripp was NOT very intrested!  More pictures to come....someday.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Birthday Girl

Wishing my mom the happiest of times on her special day.  Happy Birthday, Mom! 

Monday, April 19, 2010

Growing Up

Rheagan had an opportunity to be in Franklin, TN this past weekend for a girls only golf camp.  She LOVED it.  We slowed the car down just long enough for her to jump out of Friday and watched the College "Shoot-out" on Sunday afternoon.

Here are a few shapshots of the few minutes parents and others got to be there.    

This smile tells me she had a good time - and wants to go back!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

What does a soccer goal look like?

Here's one from a corner kick - unassisted goal. Her team went on to win 1-0  She's on Team Argentina and Tripp is on Team Italy..

Here's Tripp's first goal - one of 9 for the weekend! He tells everyone that he's on a real team, with real practices, real uniforms  and with real goals.  He's the runt of the team, but the heart of a champion!

I also have what two beautiful prom chicks look like.  Here is Jess and Schyra going to their senior prom:

Thursday, April 1, 2010

another first for us

Someone had a first soccer practice tonight.  Wonder who it might be!  Someone is limited to wearing only her age amount of those silly bracelets.  Wonder who that might be!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break

Here's our week in review.  Unforunately, I have no pictures of the aquarium because the camera battery was DEAD.  We did some cool behind-the-scenes things: fed the otters and trout, fed shrimp to sting rays, went above the tanks to talk to the divers as they got out of the water.

We also went camping.  This was Trippers first experience with the tent camping thing - and loved it! He wants to go back in "5 weeks".  We went about 30 minutes from the house at Gee Creek.  It's on the Hiwasee River in Polk Co.  It was perfectly quiet and restful for us all.  Note Tripp taking a nap in the chair!
Packing up ready to go!