Thursday, April 21, 2011


Here is an update abcd style

A - Allie Kate's Wedding - Congrats Allison and Caleb.

B - Basketball
I am coaching Rhea's AAU team.  Here is 2 of the local teams after a game.  All of these girls have played for several city and county schools for 4 years.  Pretty cool to snap a shot of all of them before they start choosing middle schools.

C. Courtney and Rhea at the wedding

D - Dad "TR" with Allie Kate

E - Everything else!  Too Many to try and get the letters lined up with the right picture.

 Rhea in a dry creek bed prior to wedding..... Would love to have Tripp in picture.... BUT -

Allison - Thanks so much for wanting my kids in your wedding.  You are a blessing to our family! 

 The Wonderful Raders
The last kiss as a single gal.  This was right before she walked down the aisle. 

 Forever known as "Hero".
 The gang.... missing Holly.  This group was and is a VERY special set of Lady Raiders Basketball Team.

 Fish and the Hubby

Goof Ball 

 Love me some Willy Family!