Monday, October 25, 2010

Tripp and Rhea's Special Days

For our fall break from school, Rheagan and I began in Chatty for a gal only time.  After some birthday shopping for Tripp, we went to paint pottery.  Rhea loves the place and begs to go when we do get a free moment.  She painted a plate - I painted a spoon rest.  We enjoyed a quick lunch at Chili's too.

On Friday we decided to go camping to Gee Creek in Polk County. (yes - we made a run for the border!)  We finally finished stuffing enough stuff for 10 days in the car along with 4 bikes and headed out after lunch.  Two other families were already there and saved us a great spot.  While Mack put the tent up the kids went to the Hiwassee River.  Some knuckle-heads actually went swimming.  Dinner included steaks, fried tators, corn and green beans.

MH joined us on Saturday and brought Tripp a birthday cake.  We didn't have a "formal" birthday party for him - but the all campers helped make his day extra special.  Instead of a small intimate party - he had a whole camp ground for a party place.  There were no balloons or sparklers, but the playground, bike trails, and friends made it so much fun for him.  Tripp got a new bike for his birthday and rode it for hours.  As he'd pass different campsites, families would say to him "Happy Birthday".  It was like a parade for my little man.

Sunday we packed up again and headed home.  After the 2 little ones took solid naps, we raced to the soccer complex where Tripp scored his typical 6-7 goals.  Rhea even scored one to help her team to a 1-0 victory.  I'd chalk up Fall Break to a success.

Of course - do I have pictures.... YES.   Do I have them with me now.... NO.  Pictures will come - sometime before Tripp's 6, I promise!

I did find a picture of his bike: