Saturday, June 28, 2008

What a day! It started by gathering a few items to finish the rain stick craft project I'll be doing with Rhea's Sunday School Class tomorrow. 15 PVC pieces, 30 end caps, and brown paint.

We had our weekly Family Reunion at Jenkins then headed to the movies for a free showing of Wall E. We got an invite about 2 weeks ago in the mail. Once there, we got goody bags and our seats. Before the show they gave away 4 door prizes. Our kids were the lucky winners of the $500 savings bond. There were ProV 1 golf balls in the bond bag, too. Needless to say, Mack thought the movie was the BEST he had ever seen.

We came home and worked on the art project, only to find out that we needed more paint that would adhere to plastic, rice and markers. A list would have been good this morning!

Finally after baths, we are now watching Camp Rock for the 15239 time. Not only that, we listen to the Camp Rock Soundtrack 938128470 times (daily). I guess you can tell that Baby Rhea LOVES the latest Disney movie.

Hope all is well with you! K

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Amazing Technology

Because we live

  • on the creek line beside a ridge (hince the address Candies Creek Ridge Road)

  • too far from cable lines

  • out in the "country"

We can't get internet like most of you do. Instead we were bumming a connection off a guy on top of the ridge. Either he doesn't pay his Hughes Net bill on time or forgot to give me his password. Therefore we are now back to the real world with internet connection by way of Verizon. I'm loving it.

Here is a shot that Rheagan took of Tripp goofing off with me. The potty training is almost done. We're still working on the night stuff. The day stuff has been accident free for almost 2 weeks. I'm so proud of my little man.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Still working backwards...

We went to the Aquarium for a morning of fun.

Here is the little man riding the TN bunny (a must at the carasoul!) We stood and watched these guys for 25 minutes. They are hilarous!
Another fishing adventure at the Visor's pond. We caught 48 fish in 30 minutes time. I'm not sure if the fish were worn out, or Mack for taking all of them off.

A self-timed pictures while out swinging one afternoon. We need some rain BAD!
Tripp is a real water bug. He has NO NONE ZERO fear of the water.

Rhea and Tripp enjoy helping out in the garden. The garden looks really good this spring - so who ever needs watermelons, beets, purple-hulls, corn or onions, please come calling. There will be enough for all of Bradley County!
Swimming at the Smiths with Ben and Reed. This is Ben splashing up some fun.
A Feisty Flamingo party at the Stutzman's house. Lauren, Erin, Brooke, Hannah and Rheagan enjoying each other's company for a few hours.
Swimming at the club - (NOTICE ALL THE SWIMMING WE"RE DOING???) with Nutney. Too bad we couldn't get in the water for long - the thunder kicked us out after being there about 10 minutes!

Did you think.....

that we fell off the earth?

we dropped this whole blog thing?

got real busy with basketball and summer activities?

that we lost our internet at the house?

The last 2 are true. We have been busy and we did lose our internet connection from the guy up on the hill. So here is our catch-up....

Working backwards.

Dollywood - a 30th year anniversary party for M&M Mars at Dollywood. We had a blast! One of first ones in the gate, and one of the last ones out. We stayed in a 3 bedroom condo that was bigger and nicer than my house. Here we are as we head out.
Rheagan playing on the "lazy river" at the condo. We'll maybe in would be better described as the the long pool with 2 turns. Or a Lazy Creek. Not a lazy RIVER. Rheagan and Tripp had fun in it whatever we choose to call it.
We could all ride the River Rampage. Tripp was not real thrilled getting wet - but the adventure was fun. I think I chose the wrong seat!
Tripp getting ready for the ride!
Happy Father's Day to Mack and to Dad and to McKamy and to Pop(Dave G.). My kids are blessed to have many wonderful men in their lives.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Summer snapshots

Summer is offically here for the Hall Fam. We LOVE to eat watermelon. Just one of many melons to enjoy.
Rheagan with Lauren and Erin Stutzman after CHS soccer camp in the rain. With the heat we are having now the rain was a sweet treat. Can we have some rain now, please~~~
Ben and Reed came to fish for the first time. We all caught fish and enjoyed the evening. Come back boys!
While playing with Ben and Reed I caught Tripp trying to play many sports at one time. There was a soccer ball nearby and cowboy dress up stuff, too.
Our first trip to the CCC pool. One of many many many more to come this hot summer.