Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Did you think.....

that we fell off the earth?

we dropped this whole blog thing?

got real busy with basketball and summer activities?

that we lost our internet at the house?

The last 2 are true. We have been busy and we did lose our internet connection from the guy up on the hill. So here is our catch-up....

Working backwards.

Dollywood - a 30th year anniversary party for M&M Mars at Dollywood. We had a blast! One of first ones in the gate, and one of the last ones out. We stayed in a 3 bedroom condo that was bigger and nicer than my house. Here we are as we head out.
Rheagan playing on the "lazy river" at the condo. We'll maybe in would be better described as the the long pool with 2 turns. Or a Lazy Creek. Not a lazy RIVER. Rheagan and Tripp had fun in it whatever we choose to call it.
We could all ride the River Rampage. Tripp was not real thrilled getting wet - but the adventure was fun. I think I chose the wrong seat!
Tripp getting ready for the ride!
Happy Father's Day to Mack and to Dad and to McKamy and to Pop(Dave G.). My kids are blessed to have many wonderful men in their lives.

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