Tuesday, September 30, 2008

*New pictures added**

Rheagan had her "friend" party today at River City Pottery. If anyone needs a fun place to have a party of any kind - baby shower, bridesmaid shower, birthday party and such.... the River City Pottery is the place. We took 7 friends, food, and presents to paint the day away. Rheagan chose a plate with a star and painted it black, yellow and white. After some time, I talked her into adding a few other colors to the plate. All in all - the time was great and everyone will come away with a piece of pottery (I'll pick them up next week after being fired). I want to make a trip back so that I can enjoy a painting adventure. Anyone want to come?

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rheagan's NINE!

Happy Birthday to my girl. Can't believe the chick is really 9 - but the birth certificate says it's true. It seems just yesterday I was nine myself.

Let me tell you the best nine things about my girl...

1. caring

2. lovable

3. sweet natured

4. loves her family

5. athletic

6. strong academically

7. walks with the Lord

8. Enjoys her friends

9. is a girly girl, but loves to get rough and tough.

Here is a picture that was taken outside our school today.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Party People #1

Tonight we got together with Amy Gail and the boys, MH, Big Mike, and Nutney to share a birthday dinner for Rhea. It is so hard to believe that my girl will be 9. That's nine. NINE. That only means 10 is right around the corner. Even though her birthday is Thursday, we have 302,292 things going on Thursday. So tonight was the night. She picked to eat at a GREAT Mexican place and then to the park to work off some energy.

We'll have party #2 with friends next Tuesday at the pottery place. Painting, laughing, and listening to little girls talk is on the agenda.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Fall

Enjoy the cooler days and crisp nights.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Big Mike

As you can see, my little man thinks of safety first. As he was playing outside yesterday he NEEDED his bike helmet even though he was not riding a bike. He was kicking a football, playing Frisbee, and getting out every outside toy imaginable. So, why title this Big Mike you ask....... Well, maybe Big Mike should have thought safety first as he played golf three weeks ago. On our SECOND hole of a golf tournament, he fell and broke his elbow. He didn't find out until today that it was broken.

Our hearts are with you Big Mike! Hope you get back to the golf course soon! When you do get back out - watch out for the cart path on 14th hole. I hear it's a grabber.
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Saturday, September 13, 2008

We really do exist. honestly we do!

The Hall's have offically returned to the real world. We had a bad internet card that has now been replaced.

We've doing lots of soccer. Watching practices, watching games, watching CHS play..... we've even caught soccer on tv. Last night we went to the CHS football game to see Cleveland beat up on McMinn. I am a member of our chain gang and love the view of the game from the sideline. I have NEVER seen a game where boys quit, give up, want to leave the game like the McMinn players did last night. As a coach, I am interested in how coaches deal with players.

Today after watching Rheagan's team win the opening game of our Ocoee Cup, we went to see Ben and Reed play soccer. After a quick lunch we headed to the river to play. Rheagan is getting the hang of skiing. Maybe next time.

Tomorrow Mack is playing golf and I've got several things to get done at school.

Hope all is well with you.