Friday, February 19, 2010

Email from Haiti

This is an email that a friend sent who has spent a week in Haiti - and volunteered to stay on for another week.  She's between the weeks right now.  The basketball teams at Cleveland brought deflated balls and children meds for her to take.  Just thought you'd be intrested in hearing her stories.....

Well let me just say I would give 1,000,000 dollars to have you with me on this trip. You would absolutely be amazed. The people are great. I love the children. The basketballs and other balls were a great success. About half went to a childrens orphanage, and one fourth just handed out individually, and one fourth to a school yard right behind the motel where I was sleeping in the courtyard.

It is cool have noticed are non existant. One I saw was a few Home made kites made from trash and sticks - that was cool and they actually flew. It is very noisy where we stay. Horns, motorcycles, lots of loud music and people. I lay in my tent and listen each night. No in addition.......I hear basketballs bouncing....that is cool!!!!

As for the tylenol, motrin and vitamins.....we had more of that then anything. We did good - because of everything we used it was used most and had the least left over. All the childrens vitamins are gone and just very few of the childrens tylenol left. Please pass this on to the team and let them know......THEY........made a difference and to always in life continue to do this - no matter how small or large the contribution. then please read them the character quote at the bottom of my email.

You can judge the character of

others by seeing how they treat

those who have nothing to offer

them in return.

Sometimes your actions speak so loudly

Your words may never be heard !

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nutney's Birthday

I've said it before.... and I'll say it again.....
What a wonderful friend for me, a role model for Rheagan, and a buddy for Tripp.  Go ahead and shop around for one. 
You'll be happy you did! 

 Sorry, but this Nutney is taken!  Get your own.

Happy Birthday to you, Nutney!