Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Oh Where is my Rhea Rhea... Oh Where is my Rhea Rhea...

As the VeggieTales song rings in my head (Hairbrush), I really do know where my girl is. According to her, the best week of the summer is happening. She flew to Texas today for a cousin, cousin of cousin, friend and random strangers party. Kelly has asked Rhea to join her family for a weekend of fun at Lakey. From what I can tell, it's like going to the fattest part of the Hiwasee River. Tubing, Rope Swings, Puddle jumping, etc.

I just pray that Texas can stay as normal as possible - there's nothing like the touch of Rhea.

Rheagan will return NEXT Tuesday and will pick up my cousins from California along the way for some more fun. Who says summer is almost over. I guess we've saved the best for last!

Monday, July 27, 2009

smile - a picture is worth ______.

Click here for a link to Rhea's paper picture. Once there, click on view gallery - she's the 3rd picture.

I'd say this picture is worth a college scholarship? Please oh please!


Friday, July 24, 2009


A small shout-out to my girl who won her golf tournament today. She shot 17 yesterday and 19 today, and won by 10+ strokes. What made it even better she tied a boy for first overall. She was so excited to win - but felt even better knowing she was tied for first with the boys. She is now the back - to - back - to - back Girls Club Champion.

As a celebration, we are spending the weekend at the river. Rhea will have a friend spend the night tonight and another family will join the fun tomorrow. Can you say - TUBE!!!!

(pictures will follow... I took a picture about every step of the tourney!)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pictures, my friend

Thanks for the desire for updated pictures. These are from the beach.
And Tripp thought this was a "good" smile.
He really can be precious.

What is a trip to WTR without a little competition?
Even Tripper understands what to do at the beach.... read, play, sleep...read, play, sleep....

One participating in the picture, One can't be bothered.

Pineapple Willy's - the first time.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Welcome July - wait June!!! Where is JUNE?

I can't believe that the Summer break is half over. I honestly feel like it hasn't started. There has not been one "down" day. Oh well - people say life with kids will keep anyone on their toes! I know exactly how true that statement is.

A few more updates from our family -
  • about 40 scrimmage games in 3 weeks for the freshman, JV or Varsity teams.
  • Lady Raider Basketball camp - 70 campers
  • soccer camp and basketball camp for Rhea
  • Six Flags with the bball team (Rhea had a ball!)
  • Golf camp each Tuesday morning
  • lots of swimming at the pool
  • getting the River house "livable"
  • Jackson here for a few days as he goes on his 3rd grade journey
  • doctor visits for Rhea and Tripp
  • lost tooth for Rhea

June went fast and furious. I hope July doesn't fly by.

p.s. Rheagan is contact wearer. She got fitted on Wednesday and is going fabulous with them. My blue eyed gal is back!

p.s.s. Rhea had strep throat as of Sunday. Tripp has an ear infection as of Thursday. My kids have NEVER been on antibiotics at the same time.