Wednesday, August 27, 2008

promised pictures

Here is a summary of this weekend's events in pictures and Rheagan's first day of school....2 weeks late!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Way to go Carl!

We had a great weekend with Kelly and Jon at Bristol. We got up Friday, dropped the kids off at school or Mona's, then joined Mom and Dad at the Barrel for Breakfast. After filling up our bellies, we started the adventure. We just HAD to stop in Knoxville for some shopping before going North.

Once we made it to Bristol, we stopped to fill up on snacks and water then headed to the track. We browsed around buying trinkets for all who ordered things then went in to watch final practice. The Nationwide Race was "only" 250 laps we so we were out of the track early. We stayed in Boone, NC for the night.

After being lazy Saturday morning, we were being typical tourists in Boone. What a great place! VERY little humidity and a nice breeze. We loved the downtown area and ate lunch at the mellow mushroom before heading out.

We made our way back to the track for the best night of racing. What was my favorite part?...
the fly-over, the flag coming in from a sky-diver, Carl Edwards on the pole, Carl Edwards winning the race, Carl Edwards pushing Kyle Busch out of the way to win, Carl Edwards hitting Busch after the race, all the lovely mullets, the 9,310 people without shirts on, or just hanging with my sister and hubby for a weekend? It was an awesome time had by all and look forward for the chance to do it again.

We came home Sunday to play in a golf tournament with Mom and Dad. We all won door prizes and Mom and Dad even won a new microwave.

I'll get pictures on here tomorrow because it will take too long to upload them. Jon, I promise the good ones will be here. We got some really nice shots of Nascar fans.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Final Countdown...

Does that remind anyone of a song????

There are only 4 more days until my sister and hubby come to Tennessee for the Bristol Race. Yes - the love for NASCAR bleeds to almost every member of my family. If today's race is any indication for what we'll enjoy next weekend, the Halls are set. Rheagan's boy (Carl Edwards #99) won today and Tripp's boy (#6 David Regan) pulled up as the first place loser. Mack's man came in 4th. I'm still in protest over M&M's going Toyota and having a Busch brother as a driver. Love the M&M, detest the driver.

Kelly and Tio - we are looking forward to a fun weekend. It's be best racin' in NASCAR.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

weekend results and new beginnings - or continuations....

Rheagan's soccer team DOMINATED this weekend's tournament with the closest victory being 6-2. She got some good playing time and even scored her first official goal. Needless to say - there were a couple of proud parents on the sidelines. She got a lovely medal for being the champions.

New beginnings or continuations - school started today. It's a new year, but her class "looped" from last year. She has 3 new kids in the class but everyone else is the same. She is so excited to be in the same class as her best buddies - Erin, Lauren, Hannah and Brooke. A picture will come when I can download them. Tripp will be with the same babysitter this year. He is already in the groove because he went back last week while I had a week of in-services.

For all of you going back to school... my heart is with you.

Payne - Happy Birthday to you! I hope I'm the first to wish you happiness on your special day! Did you get something in the mail from us? Let me know if it's fun.

Friday, August 8, 2008

On your mark.... Get set.... GO

It's official. Take a deep breath. Are you sitting down?

Rheagan's soccer has officially started. She is "legal". She is of age. She is pumped and ready to go. Her bags are packed. The car is gassed up.

Are Mack and I ready for all of this? - probably not.

Rheagan has been playing soccer since she was 3. (She turned 4 a day after her first game). We've played Upward, Rec League and now select. She practiced with the Lady Flames all of last year, but because she was too young, she could not play in league games. She got a few minutes here and there in "friendly" games, but not a whole lot of playing time. We'll now that her birthday is finally of legal age - she gets to PLAY!!!!! Rhea is on a select soccer team that includes girls from Cleveland, Ooltewah, Chattanooga, Athens and East Ridge. We are traveling to Huntsville this weekend for a tournament.

For most of you - big deal. For a little girl who has practiced for over a year and not gotten to play - it a HUGE deal. She is so pumped for this weekend. Our bags are packed and the car is full of gas...

We are not leaving until tomorrow morning though.

Enjoy the Olympics. We sure will be! GO USA!!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

pictures from previous post... and a golfing update

Rheagan pulled out a victory today at CCC. She was the Jr. Club Champion for the girls - ( and second overall for her age group). She shot 40 for the 2 days (par was 24). Looking back 3 years ago - she shot 40 on the first day. Rhea has really improved in a short time. She got a glorious trophy to add to her small collection. A picture of the winning putt will be posted. Posted by Picasa