Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Final Countdown...

Does that remind anyone of a song????

There are only 4 more days until my sister and hubby come to Tennessee for the Bristol Race. Yes - the love for NASCAR bleeds to almost every member of my family. If today's race is any indication for what we'll enjoy next weekend, the Halls are set. Rheagan's boy (Carl Edwards #99) won today and Tripp's boy (#6 David Regan) pulled up as the first place loser. Mack's man came in 4th. I'm still in protest over M&M's going Toyota and having a Busch brother as a driver. Love the M&M, detest the driver.

Kelly and Tio - we are looking forward to a fun weekend. It's be best racin' in NASCAR.

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Anonymous said...

too bad that the visit is so short