Sunday, February 22, 2009

10 Honest Things

I've been challenged to list 10 things you might not know about me:

Honest things about me:

1. I love the smell of beer. Strange I know. Growing up we had a farm in Crawford, Texas. Kelly and I would have the "opportunity" to walk the road to pick up cans - which were mainly beer cans. Kelly and I also learned to drive on that stretch of road. I miss that Silver Ford Truck.

2. I wish I was a good cook. Between not being home enough and having a family that could care less about "good food", I don't get to create and try new things. I love to watch the food network and dream of great meals.

3. I love to take pictures. When I get out of teaching, I'll take up photography seriously. As of now it's fun. I had to get an external drive for my computer due the 16,000 pictures that were on here.

4. I was a manger for the Tennessee Lady Vols for 4 years. What an experience and opportunity. If ever you need good Pat Summitt stories, I can share a few. I was with the team when the won the National Championship in '91. I met President Bush, saw the Queen of England and Queen Mum, traveled to Hawaii and met INCREDIBLE people. It taught me so many life lessons. It is the best way to get a full scholarship!

5. I saw Arnold Palmer play his last Masters. One of top 5 all time sporting memories.

6. I have never colored or permed my hair. With the amount of grey I am finding these days, I might start coloring it.

7. I keep the chains for the Cleveland High School Football Team. I love getting to hear coaches talk to their players. Boys smell bad, too.

8. I love to wear blue. Might have something to do with coaching the Lady Raiders.

9. I was a member of a state champion soccer team when I was in 3rd grade. I played goalie. Proof of the saying - "the older I get the better I was".

10. I LOVE watching Nascar. I am currently for the #99, Carl Edwards. Previously I was a M&M car fan... but I can't pull for a Toyota or Kyle Busch. I have been to most southern tracks and try to add one a year to the list.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

All good things.....

Well - all good things must come to an end. Rheagan's team got beat tonight for only their second loss of the year. We finished second in our tournament with a final record of 22-2. I won't bore you with all I'd like to share about this season so here are my top 5 highlights:

1. Having the chance to coach Rheagan. She's got more aggression, heart, desire, and talent than most her age. She really is fun to watch and I look forward to many years in the stands. (with my mouth shut)

2. Rheagan hitting the last second shot against North Lee in overtime for the victory. Nothing like having your own daughter hit the shot against her biggest rival and run to you for "the hug". Time could have stood still for me.

3. Having a chance to coach with Kathy and Shelley. Kathy and I have coached together since our girls were 5. Shelley played for me at CHS. We all get along so well and know that the girls are our number one focus. We've never put one player as more important than another.

4. Finishing the regular season undefeated. 19 games. 380 game minutes. 11 different gyms. UNTOUCHED.

5. Seeing the look on DD's face when she got a trophy tonight. She will probably NEVER get another trophy in her life. She is the reason I do this - for the smiles, high fives, girly-shrills, hugs, and being called mom on more than one occasion. I am humbled when I see DD's precious, innocent, and gorgeous smile. She'll sleep with her trophy and bring it to school - guaranteed.

I pray each of the girls will have the love for the game when they are in middle school and beyond. I tried to make practices fun and full of fundamentals. Games were intense with a dash of excitement. Thanks to each of them for a great season.

latest pictures

After finally getting my camera charged (a story in its self) and getting pictures from camera to computer to thumb-drive to another computer, I can finally share a few of our latest shots.... they are in random order!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Everyone needs a Nutney!

In case you don't have a Nutney - you need one! Courtney (Nutney) joined our family when I started coaching. Few life events have happened without Nutney.... birth of kids, her wedding, graduations, special parties, basketball trips, sporting events (get the drift???) She is a true angel from Heaven. She has been a blessing to me and a great role model for my kids. I thank God daily for her. Happy Birthday to you.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Johnny B just got older

How could Johnny B's birthday come and go and I TOTALLY forget it????? I am so sorry John!

We are so glad you caught Nutney for your bride. We've always known how special she is - just glad you know that too. Happy Birthday plus a few days.