Friday, August 8, 2008

On your mark.... Get set.... GO

It's official. Take a deep breath. Are you sitting down?

Rheagan's soccer has officially started. She is "legal". She is of age. She is pumped and ready to go. Her bags are packed. The car is gassed up.

Are Mack and I ready for all of this? - probably not.

Rheagan has been playing soccer since she was 3. (She turned 4 a day after her first game). We've played Upward, Rec League and now select. She practiced with the Lady Flames all of last year, but because she was too young, she could not play in league games. She got a few minutes here and there in "friendly" games, but not a whole lot of playing time. We'll now that her birthday is finally of legal age - she gets to PLAY!!!!! Rhea is on a select soccer team that includes girls from Cleveland, Ooltewah, Chattanooga, Athens and East Ridge. We are traveling to Huntsville this weekend for a tournament.

For most of you - big deal. For a little girl who has practiced for over a year and not gotten to play - it a HUGE deal. She is so pumped for this weekend. Our bags are packed and the car is full of gas...

We are not leaving until tomorrow morning though.

Enjoy the Olympics. We sure will be! GO USA!!!!