Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Still working backwards...

We went to the Aquarium for a morning of fun.

Here is the little man riding the TN bunny (a must at the carasoul!) We stood and watched these guys for 25 minutes. They are hilarous!
Another fishing adventure at the Visor's pond. We caught 48 fish in 30 minutes time. I'm not sure if the fish were worn out, or Mack for taking all of them off.

A self-timed pictures while out swinging one afternoon. We need some rain BAD!
Tripp is a real water bug. He has NO NONE ZERO fear of the water.

Rhea and Tripp enjoy helping out in the garden. The garden looks really good this spring - so who ever needs watermelons, beets, purple-hulls, corn or onions, please come calling. There will be enough for all of Bradley County!
Swimming at the Smiths with Ben and Reed. This is Ben splashing up some fun.
A Feisty Flamingo party at the Stutzman's house. Lauren, Erin, Brooke, Hannah and Rheagan enjoying each other's company for a few hours.
Swimming at the club - (NOTICE ALL THE SWIMMING WE"RE DOING???) with Nutney. Too bad we couldn't get in the water for long - the thunder kicked us out after being there about 10 minutes!

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