Monday, May 4, 2009

Where do I begin?

This past weekend was filled with so many different activities..... so where do I begin?

Friday - two ball canceled due to rain so we went to the CHS baseball game (shortened due to rain). Dinner with TR and family - good times! Denise and I then walked/worked the Relay for Life from 11:00-1:00 a.m. (in the rain).

Saturday - Soccer game canceled due to rain. Rheagan to recital for 1st performance at 10:00. The family reunion for lunch. Rheagan's 2nd performance at 5:00. She enjoyed being on stage and will do her dances again for anyone who missed it. I signed up to watch kids during the 2nd performance. Bad mistake...... learned that I can't deal with chaos. Kids running everywhere.... loud screaming.... Bad mistake.

Sunday - Pat Summitt's 1000 victory party. It was fun to reconnect with old friends as we celebrated Pat's 1000 win. It was a roast more or less. I'm not sure if I laughed or cried more tears. I was reminded how many true friends I have from my UT days. Rheagan was thrilled to meet "the Pat" and get a picture taken with her. It was good to see Kate Kate Gator Bait (Pat's secretary). She got me out of hot water on more than one occasion. We were invited to join the gang at Pat's house but elected to come home. It's been a long weekend and I was ready to chill.

Even though the weekend was non-relaxing, it was great. I just looked at my calendar to find out the next few weeks don't have many spare times in it either. School will be over soon!

Here are a few pictures from our events:

Most of these girls have been in ballet together for 4 years. It's been fun to watch them grow up together! Can you find Rheagan?

Here is the Jazz Costume..... outside in the rain.

Rheagan needed proof to her friends that she got to meet Pat.

Thanks Pat for your time on your special day!

The 8 National Title Trophies. Enough said.

Kate Kate Gator Bait..awesome lady.... truly awesome~

The Tennessee Theater set up for the roast.

Michelle Marciniak and I were good buddies at UT. She just started a bedding sheet company - check it out SHEEX.

2 groups told stories of their days. In this group you'll find Alex Fuller*, Daedra Charles, Kellie Jolly, Michelle Marciniak, and Nikki McCray who were all there or recruited while I was there. *CHS beat Shelbyville and Alex Fuller while she was in high school.*

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Mary Helen said...

Fun times! Glad we were able to participate.