Thursday, January 8, 2009

A day off

Dr. Denning blessed the entire Cleveland City School payroll with a day off for me. That's right - for me. He had it rain so much that the area was flooding, but I thought it was for me. It was the only day of Christmas break I had to do what I wanted to do. Christmas Break was only a time away from school for me. Feel sorry for me that I had to go to Atlanta to coach basketball. Pity me that I spent 6 fun days with the Texas family with Christmas presents and World Tour. Cry a bucket that we went to Hilton Head for good times for 5 days. (golfing in December is awesome). Feel sorry again for me that I coached 2 more games after the new year.

So - all in all - Dr. D thought I could use one more day to be stuck in my house. I got so much accomplished! Christmas decor down, cleaned drains, CLEANED the garage, basement, and "dump" (upstairs empty room), FILLED a dump trailer full of trash, and cleaned under a few cabinets were just a few tasks Rheagan, Tripp and I got done.

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