Friday, July 18, 2008

Tripper part 2

Everyone got in on the remodeling action - and every job needs a good supervisor!

Big Mike can decorate with the best of them~

As you walk into Tripp's Room

The new look...... the Tripp frame will be one the wall when Mack can get into dust.

We'll also have Mack's saddle hanging from the ceiling. I can handle a saddle much easier than the 2 deer hanging from the walls

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The fabric and quilt for the bedding. Mostly brown (camel color) and blues. Tripp is already tucked in his big boy bed and LOVING it. Maybe we should have done it sooner. I'll get more pictures up as it is a work in progress.


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Great job! Hope that Mack is doing better. Love you guys. -- Sonya

Anonymous said...

It looks great in pictures as well as in person. You've done a wonderful job. Hopefully, the "hired" help didn't mess it up too bad!


Anonymous said...

The little Man really loves his new room. Yeah he does. He told me so


CoachKSH said...

Yeah he does - Hopefully the newness and cleanliness will last a while! Mack is better each day. The hired help came in handy - I"d STILL be putting this and that out.